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If you’re looking for a reliable international removals and shipping company, we are the sure answer.

We have been present and active in the industry for over 40 years and we know our work and the national and international territory to perfection.

We give personalised answers and solutions to our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Since the opening of our company we have played an important role in Italian and international commerce. The goal of the founders of the business has always been to create a dedicated service where their first and only priority is that of maintaining customer satisfaction. We are proud to have become the benchmark of customers looking for a quality professional customised service.

At our facilities you will find a wide variety of removal services for international and domestic shipping and transportation. Contact us to find out how we can help you to meet your needs.

International Relocations

Alliance World Shipping has the highest specialization and greatest competence in its international removals service. Every year specific import and export departments manage removals of every size and value via truck, sea and air, from any place of origin and to any destination.

Domestic Relocations

Alliance World Shipping Service provides the provision of all the necessary packaging material, dismantling of all furniture (cabinets, bookcases, kitchens, wall units), the careful packaging of household goods and personal effects, transportation and delivery to the new address with unpacking, furniture arrangement and the removal of waste material resulting from the move.

Office Removals

The timing is carefully planned in order to meet your business needs and to minimize production downtime. For this reason, the operations can be performed either on several occasions or over the course of a weekend so that the business is not interrupted or so that it remains within a guaranteed acceptable time.

Transportation of Work of Art

Alliance World Shipping supplies specialised packaging and crates, tailored to protect individual works of art (installations, paintings, statues, sculptures), collections, exhibitions, and assets of particular merit and value.


The first step to guaranteeing a quality service, the packing phase represents the ‘essential moment’ of the relocation, dedicated to the protection and safety of the goods handled. For this reason, Alliance World Shipping has made “an art” of various kinds of packaging, depending on the specific needs     of the customer.

Storage and Warehouse

Alliance World Shipping offers its customers a large warehouse, equipped for handling movement and storage of household goods, personal effects, works of art or documents, for short or extended periods in time, apart from a suitable laboratory for the construction of wooden boxes and crates.

Commitment to the Environment

In exercising its activities Alliance World Shipping strives to reduce the environmental impact.